verb ক্ৰিয়া

Attitudinize meaning in assamese


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    to assume certain affected attitudes

    কিছুমান প্ৰভাৱিত মনোভাৱ গ্ৰহণ কৰিবলৈ

  • Example

    They began to attitudinize to fit in with high society.

    উচ্চ সমাজৰ লগত খাপ খুৱাবলৈ তেওঁলোকে মনোভাৱ গঢ়ি তুলিবলৈ ধৰিলে।

verb ক্ৰিয়া

Attitudinize meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. To assume an affected, unnatural exaggerated attitude or pose.

    প্ৰভাৱিত, অস্বাভাৱিক অতিৰঞ্জিত মনোভাৱ বা ভংগীমা ধৰি লোৱা।

  • Examples:
    1. Charlotte, who has the best voice, was brought out to sing, but was placed a little behind, as her person is not quite perfect; Maria, who is the most picturesque figure, was put to attitudinise at the harp

    2. His assistant clerk played well into his hands, and his assistant lady attetudenized with immense effect, playing comic muse, or tragic, as the case admitted.

    3. I was the only one of our party who saw this grand sight; the others were attitudinizing, for the benefit of the long rank of young ladies who were promenading on the bank, and so they lost it.

    4. “That mean anything to you, Mrs Wade?”$V$“Just attitudinizing. He has always been a great admirer of Scott Fitzgerald.”

  • 2. To cause to assume a pose.

    ভংগীমা গ্ৰহণ কৰিবলৈ কাৰণ কৰা।

  • Examples:
    1. In Greenwich, there were many gravelled walks, unshrubbed except for the nurses who dotted them, silent and attitudinized as trees.

  • 3. To give the appearance of, make a show of by posing.

    ৰূপ দিবলৈ, পোজ দি এটা শ্ব’ কৰক।

  • Examples:
    1. Radet was a cadaverous, weather-worn, passion-worn individual, badger-grey, and worked up into a grotesquely attitudinised fury of injured self-esteem

    2. While she, one hand on his arm, had been attitudinizing her dutiful gratitude, he—as she suddenly realized—had been deciding to rid her of Fordham.