adjective વિશેષણ

Manx meaning in gujarati


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  • Definition

    of or relating to the Isle of Man or its inhabitants or their language

    આઇલ ઓફ મેન અથવા તેના રહેવાસીઓ અથવા તેમની ભાષાના અથવા તેનાથી સંબંધિત

  • Example

    the Manx fishing industry

    માંક્સ માછીમારી ઉદ્યોગ

noun સંજ્ઞા

Manx meaning in gujarati


  • Definitions

    1. With a truncated or missing tail.

    કાપેલી અથવા ગુમ થયેલ પૂંછડી સાથે.

  • Examples:
    1. At the rear there is a cut-off Manx tail, similar to those of the early Cooper sports cars, and as currently used by Feirari.

    2. The Manx Rat: This tailless rat variety is usually smaller than the standard rat with front legs that are shorter than its hind legs.