adjective विशेषण

Acherontic meaning in maithili


  • Definition

    dark and dismal as of the rivers Acheron and Styx in Hades

    पाताल मे अचेरोन आ स्टाइक्स नदी जकाँ अन्हार आ उदास

  • Synonyms

    Acheronian (अचेरोनियन)

adjective विशेषण

Acherontic meaning in maithili


  • Definitions

    1. Of, pertaining to or resembling Acheron (one of the rivers located in the underworld according to ancient Greek mythology).

    के, अचेरोन (प्राचीन यूनानी पौराणिक कथा के अनुसार पाताल लोक में स्थित नदी में से एक) से संबंधित या सदृश |

  • Examples:
    1. Although Wright’s underwater man in Venice may remind us of the ghosts of the drowned in the Ohio River, this Italian fantasy is more benign; the canal is not like the Acherontic Ohio

    2. Fierce earthquakes tear the world, the heavens bow,$V$A passage opens to the shades below:$V$From acherontick shores black fiends ascend,

    3. Is Free Industry free to convert all our rivers into Acherontic sewers; England generally into a roaring sooty smith’s forge?

    4. It was a Comedy, to see what a crowding (as if it had bene at a newe Play,) there was vpon the Acheronticque Strond,

  • 2. Of or pertaining to hell.

    नरक के या नरक से संबंधित।

  • Examples:
    1. Both sex, hideously cut, and gash, and pink in sundry works, their browes, nose, cheeks, armes, brest, back, belly, thighes and legges in Acherontick order: in a word, are so deformed, that if they had studied to become antick, they might be praised for invention.

    2. How did those Aegyptians storme, when Moses and Aaron, Crumwell and Cranmer came, to deliuer Gods Israel, from that Acheronticall ignorance?

    3. they proceeded through the fog like Acherontic shades for a long while, without sound or gesture.

  • 3. Lacking joy and comfort; nearing death.

    आनन्द आ आरामक अभाव; मृत्यु के करीब।

  • Examples:
    1. Depart to blacke nights Acheronticke Cell,

    2. I see no owls, though I am told that at night they fill these Acherontic woods with demon hooting

    3. In Manchester, our designer Roy Stonehouse had built the dark lanes of his [Dickens’] Acherontic township on the low-lying land behind Water Street

    4. It was twilight in the streets. On every corner glowed lights from doors and dusty windows. Acherontic figures lounged by lazily or sat against the walls.

    5. it is most odious, when an old Acheronticke dizard, that hath one foote in his graue, shall flicker after a young wench, what can be more detestable.