adjective विशेषण

Canadian meaning in maithili

कनाडा के

  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    of or relating to Canada or its people

    कनाडा या ओकर लोकक कें या ओकरा सं संबंधित

  • Example

    The Canadian national anthem is often sung in French and English.

    कनाडाक राष्ट्रगान प्रायः फ्रेंच आ अंग्रेजी मे गाओल जाइत अछि ।

noun संज्ञा

Canadian meaning in maithili

कनाडा के

  • Definition

    a person from Canada or of Canadian descent

    कनाडा के या कनाडाई मूल के व्यक्ति

  • Example

    The Canadian liked to talk about the their love of maple syrup.

    कनाडाई के मेपल सिरप के प्रति अपन प्रेम के बात करब नीक लगैत छल.

noun संज्ञा

Canadian meaning in maithili

कनाडा के

  • Definitions

    1. A native or inhabitant of Canada.

    कनाडा के एक मूल निवासी या निवासी।

  • Examples:
    1. Even the Canadians have gone to war against them! They never go to war against anybody!

  • 2. Canadian national championship.

    कनाडा के राष्ट्रीय चैम्पियनशिप।

  • Examples:
    1. "When we were playing in the Canadians (championships) other teams would come around to watch us do our warm-ups," son Jayme Hall said.

    2. “If you look back 20 years ago, we were all playing in the Canadians and high-level cashspiels,” Shantz, 51, said Friday.

    3. “With it being Canadians, I’m just, a little bit, not as good as the top girls are,” she said, despite playing in the Canadians in Belleville in 2013.

  • Synonyms

    Canajan (कनाजन)

    Canuckistani (कैनुकिस्तानी)

    hoser (होसर)

    Canuckistanian (कैनुकिस्तानियाई)

    Canajun (कनाजुन)

    Canuck (कैनक)

    German-Canadian (जर्मन-कनाडाई)

    Danish Canadian (डेनिश कनाडाई)

    Germano-Canadian (जर्मनो-कनाडाई)

    Anglo-Canadian (एंग्लो-कनाडाई)

    German Canadian (जर्मन कनाडाई)

    European Canadian (यूरोपीय कनाडाई)

    Indian Canadian (भारतीय कनाडाई)

    Asian-Canadian (एशियाई-कनाडाई)

    Dano-Canadian (दानो-कनाडाई)

    Indian-Canadian (भारतीय-कनाडाई)

    African-Canadian (अफ्रीकी-कनाडाई)

    Hiberno-Canadian (हाइबरनो-कनाडाई)

    American-Canadian (अमेरिकी-कनाडाई)

    French Canadian (फ्रेंच कनाडाई)

    anglophone Canadian (एंग्लोफोन कनाडाई)

    French-speaking Canadian (फ्रेंच भाषी कनाडाई)

    English-Canadian (अंग्रेजी-कनाडाई)

    French-Canadian (फ्रेंच-कनाडाई)

    foreign-born Canadian (विदेश में जन्मे कनाडाई)

    francophone Canadian (francophone कनाडाई)

    Francophone Canadian (फ्रेंकोफोन कनाडाई)

    Asian Canadian (एशियाई कनाडाई)

    Neo-Canadian (नव-कनाडाई)

    Asio-Canadian (एशिया-कनाडाई)

    Native Canadian (मूल कनाडाई)

    Franco-Canadian (फ्रांको-कनाडाई)

    African Canadian (अफ्रीकी कनाडाई)

    Danish-Canadian (डेनिश-कनाडाई)

    Norwego-Canadian (नोवेगो-कनाडाई)

    aboriginal Canadian (आदिवासी कनाडाई)

    neo-Canadian (नव-कनाडाई)

    American Canadian (अमेरिकी कनाडाई)

    new Canadian (नया कनाडाई)

    Anglophone Canadian (एंग्लोफोन कनाडाई)

    Arab-Canadian (अरब-कनाडाई)

    native-born Canadian (मूल निवासी-जन्म कनाडाई)

    English Canadian (अंग्रेजी कनाडाई)

    Irish Canadian (आयरिश कनाडाई)

    Euro-Canadian (यूरो-कनाडाई)

    native Canadian (मूल कनाडाई)

    New Canadian (न्यू कनाडाई)

    Ukraino-Canadian (यूक्रेन-कनाडाई)

    European-Canadian (यूरोपीय-कनाडाई)

    Indo-Canadian (भारत-कनाडाई)

    Afro-Canadian (अफ्रीकी-कनाडाई)

    Irish-Canadian (आयरिश-कनाडाई)