noun संज्ञा

Jekyll and Hyde meaning in maithili

जेकिल आ हाइड

  • Pronunciation

    /dʒɛkəl ænd haɪd/

  • Definition

    a person who unpredictably displays two distinct and morally opposed personality traits

    एकटा एहन व्यक्ति जे अप्रत्याशित रूप स दू अलग आ नैतिक रूप स विपरीत व्यक्तित्व लक्षण क प्रदर्शन करैत अछि

  • Example

    The way they scream at me one minute and apologize the next—it's like they're Jekyll and Hyde!

    एक मिनट हमरा पर जेना चिचियाइत छथि आ अगिला मिनट माफी माँगैत छथि-एना जेना जेकिल आ हाइड होथि!

noun संज्ञा

Jekyll and Hyde meaning in maithili

जेकिल आ हाइड

  • Definitions

    1. Someone or something that has two sides: one good (the "Dr. Jekyll") and one bad (the "Mr. Hyde").

    कियो वा कोनो एहन चीज जकर दू पक्ष होइत छैक : एकटा नीक ("डॉ. जेकिल") आ एकटा अधलाह ("मिस्टर हाइड") ।

  • Examples:
    1. America! / The international Jekyll and Hyde / The land of a thousand disguises / Sneaks up on you but rarely surprises

    2. Charles Xavier: That was my… Evil self, X-Men. The Charles Xavier who would use his powers for personal gain and conquest--The Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll.

    3. GizmoDuck: Excuse me! Just a little case of Jekyll and Hyde, that's all!

    4. Studying geometry is sort of a Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde thing. You have the ordinary geometry of shapes (the Dr. Jekyll part) and the strange world of geometry proofs (the Mr. Hyde part).