noun नाम

Adam's apple meaning in marathi

अॅडमचे सफरचंद

  • Definition

    the largest cartilage of the larynx

    स्वरयंत्रातील सर्वात मोठे उपास्थि

  • Synonyms

    thyroid cartilage (थायरॉईड कूर्चा)


Adam's apple meaning in marathi

अॅडमचे सफरचंद

  • Definitions

    1. The lump in the throat, usually more noticeable in men than in women; the laryngeal prominence.

    घशातील ढेकूळ, सामान्यत: स्त्रियांपेक्षा पुरुषांमध्ये अधिक लक्षणीय; स्वरयंत्रातील प्रमुखता.

  • Examples:
    1. That same bunch which is seen on the foreside of the Neck, is called Adams Apple, because the common people have a beliefe, that by the judgement of God, a part of that fatal Apple, abode sticking in Adams Throat, and is so communicated to his posterity

  • 2. The citron, Citrus limetta, now Citrus medica.

    लिंबूवर्गीय, लिंबूवर्गीय लिमेटा, आता सायट्रस मेडिका.

  • Examples:
    1. The fourth [name of the citron] is named of diuers Pomum Assyrium, or Citron of Assyria, and may be Englished Adams apple, after the Italian name, and among the vulgar sort of Italians Lomie, of whom it is also called Pomum Adami, or Adams apple, and that came by the opinion of the commom rude people, who thinke it to be the same Apple, of which Adam did eate in Paradise when he transgressed Gods commandement