noun नाम

Godspeed meaning in marathi


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    a successful journey

    एक यशस्वी प्रवास

  • Example

    They wished us Godspeed.

    त्यांनी आम्हाला शुभेच्छा दिल्या.

interjection केवलप्रयोगी अव्यय

Godspeed meaning in marathi


  • Definitions

    1. Used, especially at a parting, to express the wish that the outcome of the actions of a person (typically someone about to start a journey or a daring endeavour) is positive for them.

    एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या कृतीचा परिणाम (सामान्यत: प्रवास सुरू करणारी व्यक्ती किंवा धाडसी प्रयत्न) त्यांच्यासाठी सकारात्मक आहे अशी इच्छा व्यक्त करण्यासाठी, विशेषत: विभक्तीच्या वेळी वापरले जाते.

  • Examples:
    1. 3 [Citizen]. Neighbours, God ſpeed. / 1 [Citizen]. Giue you good morrovv ſir.

    2. At the threshold of death, how dare I give you permission to go to England, to cross the seas? But I will not stand in your way. It is your mother's permission which really matters. If she permit you, then godspeed! Tell her I will not interfere. You will go with my blessings.

    3. Duke. God ſpeed father. / 1. Mad[man]. God ſpeed the Plough, thou ſhalt not ſpeed me.

    4. So all of America watched at 9:47 a.m. on Feb. 20, 1962, as [John] Glenn took off from Cape Canaveral. Scott Carpenter, backup astronaut for the mission, famously said: "Godspeed, John Glenn."

    5. So, class of 2007, join in. And godspeed.

    6. Thanks, Gordie. May you live long and stay well, too. Godspeed.


Godspeed meaning in marathi


  • Definitions

    1. The wishing of someone a smooth journey, or success, especially at a parting; (countable) a statement expressing this.

    एखाद्याला गुळगुळीत प्रवास किंवा यशाची इच्छा, विशेषत: विदाईच्या वेळी; (गणनीय) हे व्यक्त करणारे विधान.

  • Examples:
    1. Ber[inthia]. Speed her vvell. / VVor[thy]. Ay, but there muſt be more than a God ſpeed, or your Charity vvon't be vvorth a farthing.

    2. Eight years before he had seen his friend off at the North Wall and wished him godspeed.

    3. He never danced himself, and there he sat, poking his head in my face, and impressing all the beholders with the idea that he was a confirmed, acknowledged lover; my aunt looking complacently on, all the time, and wishing him God-speed.

    4. Mr. C[harles] C[rozat] Converse's new pronoun [thon] of the singular number and common gender has met with a warm welcome from philologists and the press. The new word has received a number of godspeeds, some of which we quote.

    5. Then Chriſtian took his leave of his Friend, and he again bid him God ſpeed.

    6. Yff there come eny vnto you and brynge not this learnynge⸝ hym receave not to houſſe: nether bid hym god ſpede. For he that biddeth hym God ſpede⸝ is part taker off his evyll dedes.

    7. [I]n the morning, as Rowland at the garden gate was giving his hostess Godspeed on her way to church, he came striding along the grassy margin of the road and out-whistling the music of the church bells.