noun ବିଶେଷ୍ୟ

Dorp meaning in oriya


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  • Definition

    a small, provincial village or town

    ଏକ ଛୋଟ, ପ୍ରାଦେଶିକ ଗ୍ରାମ କିମ୍ବା ସହର |

  • Example

    Growing up in a dorp, I romanticised moving to the big city of Johannesburg.

    ଏକ ଡର୍ପରେ ବ up ି ମୁଁ ଜୋହାନ୍ସବର୍ଗର ବଡ ସହରକୁ ଯିବାକୁ ରୋମାଣ୍ଟିକ୍ କଲି |

noun ବିଶେଷ୍ୟ

Dorp meaning in oriya


  • Definitions

    1. A village or small town; a town considered provincial.

    ଏକ ଗ୍ରାମ କିମ୍ବା ଛୋଟ ସହର; ଏକ ସହର ପ୍ରାଦେଶିକ ଭାବରେ ପରିଗଣିତ |

  • Examples:
    1. I took on a case in the little dorp of Villiers in the Orange Free State.

    2. Omnium rerum viciſſitudo eſt, ones falling, is anothers riſing, and ſo fell it out with that ruind Dorpe or hamlet, which after it had relapſt into the Lordes handes for want of reparations, and there were not men enough in it to defend the ſhore from inuaſion, one Cerdicus a Plaſhing Saxon, that had reueld here and there with his battleaxe, on the bordring bankes of the decrepite ouerworne village now ſurnamed Gorleſtone threw forth his anchor, and with the aſſiſtance of his ſpeare, in ſtead of a pikeſtaffe, leapt agroũd like a ſturdie bruite, and his yeomen bolde caſt their heeles in their necke, and friſkt it after him,

    3. ‘You can't hang about this dorp doing nothing.’