noun ବିଶେଷ୍ୟ

Friendship meaning in oriya


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  • Definition

    the state of being friends (or friendly)

    ବନ୍ଧୁ ହେବାର ଅବସ୍ଥା (କିମ୍ବା ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ)

noun ବିଶେଷ୍ୟ

Friendship meaning in oriya


  • Definitions

    1. The condition of being friends.

    ବନ୍ଧୁ ହେବାର ସର୍ତ୍ତ |

  • Examples:
    1. But (as the Poet ſaith) Malè ſarta gratia, nequicquam coit, & reſcinditur: Friendſhip, that is but euill peeced, will not ioine cloſe, but falleth aſunder againe:

    2. Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself (for God did not need to create). It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.

    3. We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.

  • Synonyms

    entente cordiale (entente cordiale)

    chumship (um ୁମ୍ସିପ୍ |)

    foeship (ଶତ୍ରୁତା)

    enemyship (ଶତ୍ରୁତା)

    friendship bench (ବନ୍ଧୁତା ବେଞ୍ଚ |)

    friendship book (ବନ୍ଧୁତା ପୁସ୍ତକ)

    friendship store (ବନ୍ଧୁତା ଷ୍ଟୋର୍‌ |)

    friendshipping (ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱ)

    friendshiplike (ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱ ପରି)

    guestfriendship (ଅତିଥି ବନ୍ଧୁତା)

    friendshipy (ବନ୍ଧୁତା)

    friendshipish (ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱ)

    friendshipless (ବନ୍ଧୁତାହୀନ)

    friendshiply (ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ)

    friendshipped (ବନ୍ଧୁ)

    friendship bracelet (ବନ୍ଧୁତା ବ୍ରେସଲେଟ୍ |)

    passionate friendship (ଉତ୍ସାହୀ ବନ୍ଧୁତା |)

    friendship plant (ବନ୍ଧୁତା ଉଦ୍ଭିଦ |)

    friendshipful (ବନ୍ଧୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ)

    romantic friendship (ରୋମାଣ୍ଟିକ୍ ବନ୍ଧୁତା |)

    friendshippish (ଫ୍ରେଣ୍ଡସିପ୍)

    friendshippy (ଫ୍ରେଣ୍ଡସିପି)

noun ବିଶେଷ୍ୟ

Friendship plant meaning in oriya

ବନ୍ଧୁତା ଉଦ୍ଭିଦ |

  • Definition

    low stingless nettle of Central and South America having velvety brownish-green toothed leaves and clusters of small green flowers

    କେନ୍ଦ୍ରୀୟ ଏବଂ ଦକ୍ଷିଣ ଆମେରିକାର ନିମ୍ନ ଷ୍ଟିଙ୍ଗଲେସ୍ ନଟଲ୍ ଭେଲଭେଟୀ ବାଦାମୀ-ସବୁଜ ଦାନ୍ତର ପତ୍ର ଏବଂ ଛୋଟ ସବୁଜ ଫୁଲର କ୍ଲଷ୍ଟରଗୁଡିକ |

  • Synonyms

    panamica (ପାନାମିକା)

    panamiga (ପାନାମିଗା)