adjective విశేషణము

Plutonian meaning in telugu


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  • Definition

    of or relating to or characteristic of Hades or Tartarus

    హేడిస్ లేదా టార్టరస్ యొక్క లేదా సంబంధించిన లేదా లక్షణం

  • Synonyms

    Hadean (హడియన్)

adjective విశేషణము

Plutonian meaning in telugu


  • Definitions

    1. Of or relating to Pluto, the Greek and Roman god of the underworld; demonic, infernal.

    అండర్ వరల్డ్ యొక్క గ్రీకు మరియు రోమన్ దేవుడు ప్లూటోకు సంబంధించినది; భూత, నరక.

  • Examples:
    1. Cotopaxi is striking not only because it looks like a science fiction conception of another planet; it also is the least realistic among [Frederic Edwin] Church's paintings of the area. Below the fiery sun is a lake with a barren shore. As such, the sun hangs over a Plutonian landscape.

    2. You rise by candle-light or gaslight, swearing / There never was a climate made like ours; / If rashly you go out to take an airing, / The soot-flakes come in black Plutonian show'rs.

    3. ["]Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the Nightly shore— / Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!" / Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

    4. he through the midſt unmarkt, / In ſhew Plebeian Angel militant / Of loweſt order, paſt; and from the dore / Of that Plutonian Hall, inviſible / Aſcended his high Throne,

  • 2. Of, relating to, or having characteristics associated with the underworld; dark, gloomy; mournful.

    అండర్వరల్డ్‌తో సంబంధం ఉన్న లక్షణాలను కలిగి ఉండటం లేదా; చీకటి, దిగులుగా; దుఃఖించే.

  • Examples:
    1. I am dying, Egypt, dying, / Ebbs the crimson life-tide fast, / And the dark Plutonian shadows / Gather on the evening blast;

    2. Yet when [Frank] Brangwyn immortalised Cannon Street Station, most Plutonian of London terminals, they began to admire.

  • 3. Synonym of plutonic (“of, pertaining to, or supporting plutonism, the theory that the rocks of the Earth were formed in fire by volcanic activity, with a continuing gradual process of weathering and erosion, then deposited on the sea bed, re-formed into layers of sedimentary rock by heat and pressure, and raised again”)

    ప్లూటోనిక్ యొక్క పర్యాయపదం (“ప్లూటోనిజానికి సంబంధించిన, లేదా మద్దతు ఇచ్చే సిద్ధాంతం, అగ్నిపర్వత కార్యకలాపాల ద్వారా భూమి యొక్క శిలలు అగ్నిలో ఏర్పడ్డాయి, వాతావరణం మరియు కోత యొక్క నిరంతర ప్రక్రియతో, సముద్రపు అడుగుభాగంలో నిక్షిప్తం చేయబడి, తిరిగి ఏర్పడినది. వేడి మరియు పీడనం ద్వారా అవక్షేపణ శిలల పొరలుగా మరియు మళ్లీ పైకి లేపబడింది")

  • Examples:
    1. One system, now called the Plutonian, regards, the earth's crust on which we now live, as the debris of two former worlds, and our present continents as the elevations of the bottom of the sea by subterranean heat. If this theory be founded on fact, why do not our rocks present us with beds of shell-fish in families as are now living at the bottom of the sea?

    2. The country around Aberdeen is almost entirely composed of primitive rocks. Of these there are two sets, Neptunian and Plutonian. the Plutonian rocks are granite, with feldspar, or granitic porphyry. the great bodies of Plutonian granite, as those exposed in the celebrated granite quarries, render it probable that the stratified Neptunian rocks owe much of their contorted and broken aspect, and also, in some degree, their position, to the action of this igneous rock.