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How to play wordle?

Find the right 5-letter word in 6 tries

A simple, fun to play word game

  • You'll be given a clue about the answer like 'The answer must have the character K' and you should find the right word in 6 attempts.

  • Each attempt must be a valid 5-letter word. Hit the enter button to submit.

  • After each attempt, the color of tiles will change to show how close you are to the final word.

What's Amulyam?

Amulyam is a platform to play the most popular word game, wordle, with real money and win cash prizes. Amulyam offers the below 3 formats to play wordle.

1. Today's Wordle

Today's wordle is a free to play daily wordle game. All players have to find one valid 5-letter word a day and the word each player has to find is the same for everyone.

After playing today's wordle, whether you answer it right or wrong, you'll earn reward amounts instantly.

2. Head-to-Head Tournaments

Only two players are allowed in head to head tournaments, you and the other player. Both of you will be given the same word to find.

Rank will be calculated based on your score and the time taken to find the right word. Top ranker will win the tournament and be awarded with the prize money instantly after the tournament is over.

3. Mega Tournaments

Hundreds and even thousands of players compete for the cash prizes in mega tournaments. Every time you play in a mega tournament, you'll have to find a new word. You can play up to 20 times in a mega tournament and cash prizes will be distributed based on the ranking system.

A mega tournament ends once all spots are filled up and ranks will be calculated for all players almost immediately after the tournament ends. Players will be awarded with cash prizes based on ranks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to add money to Amulyam?

Adding money to your Amulyam account is simple and safe. You can use all popular options - GPay, PhonePe and other UPI options, Net Banking, credit and debit cards to add money to your Amulyam account.

2. Can I withdraw my winnings instantly?

You can withdraw winnings to your UPI or bank accounts. Most of our withdrawals are almost instant. In case you have any issues with withdrawals, we are always an email away at

3. Will I get reminders to play today's wordle?

In today's wordle, a new wordle is available every day at 12am. Until the day ends, you can play it at any time to earn your daily reward amount. You'll receive an email to your registered email and usually, we remind our users on telegram, facebook, instagram and twitter.

4. Can I withdraw the money I earn from today's wordle?

You can withdraw money only from your winnings. You can use your earnings from daily wordle to play head-to-head or mega tournaments to win big cash prizes and withdraw those winnings.

5. My state laws don't allow real money games. Can I sign up on Amulyam?

Today's wordle is a free to play daily wordle game on Amulyam. You can play today's wordle if you are from one of the states that don't allow skill based real money games.