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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1-minute puzzles?

  • At Amulyam, we are die hard fans of playing puzzles and to take puzzle-playing experience to the next level, we've done thorough research and come up with the concept of '1-minute puzzles'.

  • As the name suggests, our 1-minute puzzles can be solved in just under a minute and at most, a few minutes. They are crafted to be quick, simple, and highly engaging, offering a burst of exhilaration and mental stimulation within a short timeframe.

What is Amulyam?

  • Amulyam is a platform to play simple 1-minute puzzles and win big cash prizes. Amulyam offers each puzzle in below two formats.

  • Today's Puzzles

    It's a free to play daily puzzle format. All our puzzles ( rotator, dragger, number slide, wordle ) are available as Today's Puzzles. You can play them once every day and earn reward amounts instantly whether you answer them right or wrong.

  • Head-to-Head Tournament

    Head-to-head tournaments allow two players to compete, you and another player. You can play each puzzle in a head-to-head tournament with real money and win big cash prizes. After the second player completes playing the puzzle in a head-to-head tournament, based on ranks of both players, the winner will be declared instantly and the prize amount will be added to the winner's account.

  • You can play puzzles on our desktop website, mobile website and android app.

Is it safe to add money to Amulyam?

  • Adding money to your amulyam account is simple and safe. You can use all popular options - GPay, PhonePe and other UPI options, Net Banking, credit and debit cards to add money to your amulyam account.

Can I withdraw my winnings instantly?

  • You can withdraw winnings to your UPI or bank accounts. Rs.200 is the minimum amount required to withdraw and 99.9% of our withdrawals are almost instant. In case you have any issues with withdrawals, we are always an email away at

Will I get reminders to play today's puzzles?

  • In today's puzzles, new puzzles are available every day at 12am. Until the day ends, you can play them at any time to earn your daily reward amount. You'll receive an email to your registered email and usually, we remind our users on telegram, facebook, instagram and twitter.

Can I refer my friends or followers and earn money?

  • We have a feature called 'Earning links' which is available to every user after login. It's a generous and innovative referral program that can delight your friends or followers and at the same time, can earn you at least Rs.10000 a month consistently.

  • Our minimum withdrawal limit for referral earnings starts at Rs.500 and 99.9% of our withdrawals get processed instantly.

My state laws don't allow real money games. Can I sign up on Amulyam?

  • Today's puzzles are free to play daily puzzles on Amulyam. You can play today's puzzles if you are from one of the states that don't allow skill based real money games.

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