About us

At Amulyam, we are die hard fans of playing puzzles and to take puzzle-playing experience to the next level, we've done thorough research and come up with the concept of '1-minute puzzles'.

Amulyam is a platform to play simple 1-minute puzzles in head-to-head tournaments with real money and win big cash prizes.

What are 1-minute puzzles?

As the name suggests, most of our puzzles can be solved in just under a minute and at most, few minutes. They are crafted to be quick, simple, and highly engaging, offering a burst of exhilaration and mental stimulation within a short timeframe.

Currently, amulyam hosts 4 different 1-minute puzzles to play for free and with real money in head-to-head tournaments.

1. Rotator

Rotator shows 16 slices of an image in random rotations. The objective of the puzzle is to arrange each image slice in right direction to form the right picture.

2. Dragger

Dragger displays 9 slices of an image in random order. The objective of the puzzle is to drag image slices and arrange them in right places to form the right picture.

3. Number Slide

Number slide comes with 16 blocks with 1 to 15 numbered in random order and an empty block. The objective of the puzzle is to arrange 1 to 15 numbers in the correct order by sliding the adjacent blocks into the empty block.

4. Wordle

Wordle is a simple, fun to play word game. You should find the right 5-letter word in 6 attempts by using the given clues in each attempt.

Our 1-minute puzzles are intuitive and fun to play. It's easy to get started on amulyam. Login with your Google account and play our today's games for free and get instant reward amounts.