preposition সম্বন্ধসূচক অব্যয়

According to meaning in assamese


  • Definition

    based on what is said or stated by, on the authority of

    দ্বাৰা কোৱা বা কোৱাৰ ওপৰত ভিত্তি কৰি, কৰ্তৃত্বৰ ওপৰত

  • Example

    According to these documents, they have graduated with high honors.

    এই নথি অনুসৰি তেওঁলোকে উচ্চ সন্মানেৰে স্নাতক ডিগ্ৰী লাভ কৰিছে।

preposition সম্বন্ধসূচক অব্যয়

According to meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. Based on what is said or stated by; on the authority of.

    কি কোৱা বা কোৱাৰ ওপৰত ভিত্তি কৰি; ৰ কৰ্তৃত্বত।

  • Examples:
    1. According to the directions, the glue takes 24 hours to dry.

    2. According to him, every person was to be bought.

    3. According to this saga of intellectual-property misanthropy, these creatures [patent trolls] roam the business world, buying up patents and then using them to demand extravagant payouts from companies they accuse of infringing them. Often, their victims pay up rather than face the costs of a legal battle.

  • 2. In a manner conforming or corresponding to; in proportion to; in accordance with.

    ৰ সৈতে মিল থকা বা মিল থকা ধৰণেৰে; অনুপাতত; অনুসৰী.

  • Examples:
    1. Our zeal should be according to knowledge.

    2. Over the past 20 years, the station complex - including the main platform buildings, signal box and level crossing gates - has been lovingly restored, with the gates replaced according to original plans.

    3. there was only a frightening silence, unenlivened even by the invidious enquiries of former years, which culminated, according to its stern nature, in a still more frightening old woman, a figure awaiting her on the very doorstep.

  • Synonyms

    basis (ভিত্তি)

    in line (শাৰীত)

    according to one's understanding (নিজৰ বুজাবুজি অনুসৰি)

    cut one's coat according to one's cloth (নিজৰ কাপোৰ অনুযায়ী নিজৰ কোট কাটিব)

    according to plan (পৰিকল্পনা অনুসৰি)

    according to Gunter (গুণ্টাৰৰ মতে)

    according to Hoyle (হয়লৰ মতে)

    according to Cocker (ককাৰৰ মতে)


According to Hoyle meaning in assamese

হয়লৰ মতে

  • Definition

    in strict accordance with the rules, especially of card games

    বিশেষকৈ কাৰ্ড গেমৰ নিয়ম কঠোৰভাৱে পালন কৰি

  • Definition

    The murder case was worked according to Hoyle.

    হত্যাৰ গোচৰটো হয়লৰ মতে কাম কৰা হৈছিল।