noun नाम

Dutch uncle meaning in marathi

डच काका

  • Definition

    a counselor who admonishes frankly and sternly

    एक सल्लागार जो स्पष्टपणे आणि कठोरपणे सल्ला देतो


Dutch uncle meaning in marathi

डच काका

  • Definitions

    1. One who reproves in a blunt, stern manner intended for the benefit of the recipient.

    जो प्राप्तकर्त्याच्या फायद्यासाठी उद्देशून बोथट, कठोर रीतीने निंदा करतो.

  • Examples:
    1. Gruff but kindly, with dark-rimmed glasses prone to slip down his prominent ruddy nose and an unlit cigar habitually clenched in his teeth, he was everyone's Dutch uncle and let even strangers call him “Maggie” to his face.

    2. I talked like a Dutch uncle to convince them they would be in the way if they came out too.

    3. The accountant was an older guy named Barney who always played the role of Dutch uncle to Michael's high flying ways, but on this occasion he read him the riot act.