adjective বিশেষণ পদ

Seljuk meaning in assamese


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    of or relating to the Seljuks

    চেলজুকসকলৰ বা তেওঁলোকৰ সৈতে জড়িত

adjective বিশেষণ পদ

Seljuk meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. Of or pertaining to this dynasty, or to the empire/sultanate that it ruled.

    এই বংশৰ বা ইয়াৰ সৈতে জড়িত, বা ই শাসন কৰা সাম্ৰাজ্য/চুলতানীৰ সৈতে জড়িত।

  • Examples:
    1. It became Seljuk in the 11C and Mongol in the 13C. The important medieval trading centre was used from the 16C as the residence of the 'Begs', Kurdish feudal lords who were able to maintain their independence of the Ottoman Empire

    2. Like so many other Anatolian strongholds , Nicaea had become Seljuk without a fight, and almost at Byzantine invitation. The Turks found themselves in possession of a still impressive city.

    3. Manisa became Seljuk in 1313 and Ottoman in 1390. The Ottoman sultans Murat II and Murat III were particularly fond of Manisa and happily resided here.

    4. Maurozome's possessions, Laodikeia and Chonai, which had been given to him according to the treaty between Theodore I and the sultan by March 1206, finally became Seljuk in AH 603 (8 August 1206 - 27 July 1207).

    5. Metal objects retrieved from these rooms look distinctly more Seljuk than Byzantine in nature and have resulted in our re-evaluation of when the site may have been abandoned.

    6. The designs, it is true, are more Seljuk than Ottoman (11). But Miletus was never really a Seljuk city, and of course at Constantinople the Ottomans succeeded directly to the Byzantines.

    7. This unhappy peace had been signed by March 1206 (the terminus ad quem). Given that between 13 April and 6 July 1204 Laodikeia became Seljuk, that in August (the terminus post quem) of the same year Kay-Khusraw I refused to cede Laodikeia and Chonai to Theodore I,