noun বিশেষ্য পদ

WiFi meaning in assamese


  • Definition

    a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet

    এটা স্থানীয় এলেকা নেটৱৰ্ক যিয়ে উচ্চ কম্পাঙ্ক ৰেডিঅ' সংকেত ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি কেইশ ফুট দূৰত্বত তথ্য প্ৰেৰণ আৰু গ্ৰহণ কৰে

  • Synonyms

    wireless local area network (বেতাঁৰ স্থানীয় এলেকা নেটৱৰ্ক)

verb ক্ৰিয়া

WiFi meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. Alternative form of Wi-Fi

    ৱাই-ফাইৰ বিকল্প ৰূপ

  • Examples:
    1. A WiFi-ing We Will Go ?

    2. But during the past three capital bills, we’ve probably spent more than $5 million on laboratories, the Gator Center (updates), fully WiFi-ing the campus and campus security,” a $500,000 card-based system for faculty and students.

    3. Just like the aforementioned consumer and durable products made their way into the remotest parts of the country, the smartphones are 4G-ing and WiFi-ing their way into the hamlets today.