noun বিশেষ্য পদ

Abbess meaning in assamese


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    the superior of a group of nuns

    ননসকলৰ এটা দলৰ উৰ্ধতন

  • Synonyms

    prioress (প্ৰিয়ৰেছ)

    mother superior (মাতৃ উৰ্ধতন)

noun বিশেষ্য পদ

Abbess meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. A woman who runs a brothel; a woman employed by a prostitute to find clients.

    বেশ্যালয় চলোৱা এগৰাকী মহিলা; ক্লায়েণ্ট বিচাৰি বেশ্যাই নিয়োগ কৰা এগৰাকী মহিলা।

  • Examples:
    1. "I mean to inform you," answered the Oxonian, with a grin on his face, "that those three nymphs, who have so much dazzled your optics, are three nuns, and the plump female is Mother .... of great notoriety, but generally designated the Abbess of .... Her residence is at no great distance from one of the royal palaces; and she is distinguished for her bold ingenuous line of conduct in the profession which she has chosen to adopt; so much so, indeed, that she eclipses all her competitors in infamy."

    2. So an old Abbess for the rattling Rakes, / A tempting dish of human nature makes, / And dresses up a luscious Maid: / I rather should have said, indeed, undresses, / To please a youth's unsanctified caresses.

    3. Why laſt night, as Colonel Kill'em, Sir William Weezy, Lord Frederick Foretop, and I were careleſsly ſliding the Ranelagh round, picking our teeth, after a damn'd muzzy dinner at Boodle's, who ſhould trip by but an abbeſs, well known about town, with a ſmart little nun in her ſuite.