noun বিশেষ্য পদ

Abortionist meaning in assamese

গৰ্ভপাত কৰা ব্যক্তি

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  • Definition

    a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies

    এজন ব্যক্তি (যিজন চিকিৎসক হ’ব লাগে) যিয়ে গৰ্ভাৱস্থা বন্ধ কৰে

noun বিশেষ্য পদ

Abortionist meaning in assamese

গৰ্ভপাত কৰা ব্যক্তি

  • Definitions

    1. A person who performs abortions, especially illegally or secretly.

    বিশেষকৈ অবৈধ বা গোপনে গৰ্ভপাত কৰা ব্যক্তি।

  • Examples:
    1. According to Bray, “there is a difference between taking a retired abortionist and executing him, and killing a practicing abortionist who is regularly killing babies.” The first act is in Bray’s view retributive, the second defensive.

    2. In 1962, when abortion was still illegal, I published an anonymous interview with Dr. Robert Spencer, a humane abortionist who was known as “The Saint.”

    3. Mad. Restell, the celebrated Abortionist [is arrested].

    4. Such a fetus is perfectly viable save for the act of the abortionist.

    5. The quack abortionist, with “a little knowledge,” impudently, remorselessly, and secretly employs his craft for filthy lucre’s sake, perpetrating one crime to conceal another, at which science and charity blush.

    6. Then she asks her to go first to meet the abortionist. Then she neglects to make a reservation at the hotel the abortionist specifies. That almost sinks the arrangement: The abortionist has experience suggesting that hotel will be a safe venue, and suspects he may be set up for a police trap.

    7. a gruesome procedure in which the abortionist dismembers a child who could survive outside the womb.

  • Synonyms

    pro-abortionist (গৰ্ভপাতৰ পক্ষপাতী)

    anti-abortionist (গৰ্ভপাত বিৰোধী)