adjective বিশেষণ পদ

Accursed meaning in assamese


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    under a curse

    অভিশাপৰ অধীনত

  • Synonyms

    maledict (maledict)

    accurst (accurst)

adjective বিশেষণ পদ

Accursed meaning in assamese


  • Definitions

    1. Hateful; detestable, loathsome.

    ঘৃণনীয়; ঘৃণনীয়, ঘৃণনীয়।

  • Examples:
    1. Accursed race of Tiriel. behold your father // Come forth & look on her that bore you. come you accursed sons.

    2. Alaeddin ate and drank and was cheered and after he had rested and had recovered spirits he cried, "Ah, O my mother, I have a sore grievance against thee for leaving me to that accursed wight who strave to compass my destruction and designed to take my life. Know that I beheld Death with mine own eyes at the hand of this damned wretch, whom thou didst certify to be my uncle;

    3. Lo! they are charged with studying the accursed cabalistical secrets of the Jews, and the magic of the Paynim Saracens.

  • 2. Doomed to destruction or misery; cursed; anathematized.

    ধ্বংস বা দুৰ্দশাৰ বাবে নিৰ্ধাৰিত; অভিশপ্ত; anathematized.

  • Examples:
    1. Accurſt be he that firſt inuented war

    2. For at the very moment I become accursed, at that same highest moment, I become exactly like a heathen

    3. We did not come here to waste words in treating with Sauron, faithless and accursed; still less with one of his slaves. Begone!

    4. —if any one, be he who he may, attempt to alter the faith once for all delivered, let him be accursed.

  • Synonyms

    damnable (damnable)

    execrable (নিন্দনীয়)

    poet (কবি)

    poète maudit (poète maudit)

    accursedness (অভিশপ্ততা)

    accursedly (অভিশপ্তভাৱে)