adjective নাম বিশেষণ

Maoist meaning in bengali


  • Definition

    of or relating to Maoism

    মাওবাদের বা এর সাথে সম্পর্কিত

noun বিশেষ্য

Maoist meaning in bengali


  • Definitions

    1. one who advocates Maoism

    যারা মাওবাদের পক্ষে

  • Examples:
    1. After Richard Nixon's visit to Peiping in 1972 and the establishment of "liaison offices" in Washington and Peiping, the Maoists have been stepping up their infiltration and subversive activities in the United States, the sources pointed out.

  • Synonyms

    neo-Maoist (নব্য-মাওবাদী)