adjective নাম বিশেষণ

Diamantine meaning in bengali


  • Definition

    consisting of diamonds or resembling diamonds

    হীরার সমন্বয়ে বা হীরার অনুরূপ

adjective নাম বিশেষণ

Diamantine meaning in bengali


  • Definitions

    1. Consisting of or resembling diamond.

    হীরা গঠিত বা অনুরূপ.

  • Examples:
    1. At the start of January, the same month the world marked the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, scientists on snowmobiles were zipping across its diamantine ice, dragging a rig of metal detectors in their wake.

    2. Day after day he pierced the dark abyss, / Till he had reach’d its diamantine floor.

    3. It beats the mischief what fools we men will sometimes make of ourselves when a petticoat of the latest style, or a face of the dear old style—when women could smile honestly and sweetly, when their hands trembled without any diamantine rings—happens to enthrall us, and makes us feel as though we forgave the fellow that got the best of us in to-day’s business transactions.

    4. Shrutakirti paused in the act of fixing a diamantine necklace around Kunti's throat.

    5. This was the worke of God, that hée might ſeparate the Pure from the Impure: that is to ſay, that he might reduce the more pure and Ethereal Mercury, the more pure and inextinguible Sulphur, the more pure, and more fixed ſalte, into ſhyning and inextinguible Starres and Lights, into a Chriſtalline and Dyamantine ſubſtance, or moſt ſimple Bodie, which is called Heauen, the higheſt, and fourth formall Element, and that from the ſame, the Formes as it were ſéedes, might be powred forth into the moſt groſſe elements, to the generation of all things.

    6. While attempting to escape through the walls of the cave, the woman died as the mine’s diamantine walls tore her flesh her to shreds and, when her blood combined with the diamonds, rubies formed.

    7. capable to break through any protective shield of bronze or of diamantine walls:.

    8. during the 19th century, this relief still bears the arms and diamantine ring which identify Piero de Medici (1416-1469) as the original owner.

    9. the Mine-men having little Iron-hooks, with which they fetch out the Diamantin-oar:.