noun বিশেষ্য

Dimensionality meaning in bengali


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  • Definition

    the spatial property of having dimensions

    মাত্রা থাকার স্থানিক সম্পত্তি

  • Example

    all matter has dimensionality

    সব বস্তুর মাত্রা আছে

noun বিশেষ্য

Dimensionality meaning in bengali


  • Definitions

    1. The number of dimensions something has.

    মাত্রার সংখ্যা কিছু আছে.

  • Examples:
    1. A vector v = ( 22 , 38 , 52 , 12 ) {\displaystyle v=(22,38,52,12)} defines a four-dimensional space with a point at the stated co-ordinates, and so on to any dimensionality n {\displaystyle n} . Vector spaces of dimensionality greater than three are impossible to visualise directly

    2. As well as the low dimensionality of the Bloch electron states,

    3. Finite Dimensionality of de Rham Cohomology: Proposition 5.3.1. If the manifold M {\displaystyle M} has a finite good cover, then its cohomology is finite dimensional.

    4. That is to say, it is the Analogue of Space, not in the sense in which we formerly regarded Space as the negation of Matter; but in the sense of Infinite Dimensionality, or of Dimensionality in all directions, as a vague generalization from the three spatial dimensions Length, Breadth, and Thickness.

    5. The difficulties in implementing classification algorithms as is, on high volume databases, derives from the increase in the number of records/instances in the database and of attributes/features in each instance (high dimensionality).

    6. The programming language does not impose any restrictions on the dimensionality of the arrays.

    7. This often happens, for example, when a two-dimensional solution is obtained for data whose appropriate dimensionality is higher.

  • Synonyms

    equidimensionality (সমপরিমাণতা)

    unidimensionality (একমাত্রিকতা)

    three-dimensionality (ত্রিমাত্রিকতা)

    curse of dimensionality (মাত্রিকতার অভিশাপ)

    blessing of dimensionality (মাত্রিকতার আশীর্বাদ)