noun বিশেষ্য

Dining-room meaning in bengali

খাবার কক্ষ

  • Definition

    a room used for dining

    খাওয়ার জন্য ব্যবহৃত একটি ঘর

  • Synonyms

    dining room (খাবার কক্ষ)

noun বিশেষ্য

Dining-room meaning in bengali

খাবার কক্ষ

  • Definitions

    1. Alternative spelling of dining room

    ডাইনিং রুমের বিকল্প বানান

  • Examples:
    1. A good-sized drawing-room and dining-room and two double bedrooms – you won't need more. Twenty-four-hour porterage and a modern security system.

    2. A little while later, when I came to the dining-room for the first breakfast, I met Lovaina in a blue-figured aahu of muslin and lace, a close-fitting, sweeping nightgown, the single garment that Tahitians wear all day and take off at night, a tunic, or Mother Hubbard, which reveals their figures without disguise, unstayed, unpetticoated.

    3. After visiting the soko we returned to Mr. Benoliel's hotel, to adonize for the dinner we were to partake of at Mr. Hay's, to whose house we repaired about five, found a small party assembled in his very snug dining-room, and sat down to a capital dinner, and very good wine of our host's own growth and manufacture, and to which he had given the classical name of Ampelusian, the old nomenclature bestowed on this part of the country by the Greeks, in consequence of the then excellence of its wines.

    4. All theſe gentlemen appeared at the hour appointed in Mr. Curll's dining-room, two excepted ; one of whom was the gentleman in the cockloft, his landlady being out of the way, and the gradus ad parnaſſum taken down; the other happened to be too cloſely watched by the bailiffs.

    5. As Mr. Arabin had already moved out of the parsonage of St. Ewold’s, that scheme of elongating the dining-room was of course abandoned;

    6. As she passed through the dining-room she heard, behind the purdah that cloaked the drawing-room door, her husband's voice,

    7. But throughout the morning there are about three or four who wander in and out carrying glasses from the glassery to the dining-room and performing duties which are mentioned in the course of the play.

    8. Enchanting dining-rooms and tables have been achieved with an outlay amounting to comparatively nothing. ¶ There is a dining-room in a certain small New York house that is quite as inviting as it is lacking in expensiveness.

    9. He lit a fire in the dining-room, and the chimney was damp and smoked abominably, so that when he had fed full on tinned meats he was fain to let the fire go out and to sit in his fur-lined overcoat by the becindered grate, now fast growing cold, and smoke pipe after pipe of gloomy reflection.

    10. He made a long stay in the dining-room after dinner, and, I fear, took an unusual quantity of wine, but not enough to loosen his tongue: for when he came in and found me quietly occupied with my book, too busy to lift my head on his entrance, he merely murmured an expression of suppressed disapprobation

    11. Her French-speaking table in the dining-room is a riot of second-rate behaviour and dexterously aimed bread-pellets; the stairs outside her bedroom are relentlessly buttered and she comes purler after purler.

    12. How, then, can I account for his serene angerless conduct during dinner? Henry’s presence in the dining-room might have prevented him from keeping frownful silence, but he would not have made that a reason for cheerful spirits.

    13. I can count many families living in log houses with a ladder only for a stairway to the loft, where one or more beds and sometimes house plunder and grain were kept; while the room below—kitchen, dining-room and parlor—where the wool was carded into rolls, spun and sometimes woven into cloth, prepared for the puller, to be made into good warm winter goods.

    14. I supposed he would want to go down with as little ostentation as possible, so took him by the elevator which enters the dining-room without passing through the long corridor known as "Peacock Alley", because of its being a favorite place for handsomely dressed fashionables of the national capital.

    15. I was ushered along a dark cupboardy passage that led to the dining-room.

    16. I was visited by the duke of L—, a friend of my lord, who found me sitting upon a trunk, in a poor little dining-room filled with lumber, and lighted with two bits of tallow-candle, which had been left over night.

    17. I went into the dining-room, and sot down afore a plate that had my name writ on a card onto it; and I did walk into the beef and 'taters and things about east.

    18. My friend explained to me that every evening two little mice came out from behind the skirting-board in his dining-room, and sang for their supper of cheese, biscuit, and other muscine delicacies, which he took care to place on the carpet for them always at the same hour.

    19. On the ground floor of a dim house in a dim street, which by the contrivance of its occupants had been converted from its original role of dark and sinister dining-room to wareroom for a dozen or more perambulators on high, rubber-tired wheels, Alphonse Michelson and Gertie Dobriner stood in conference with a dark-wrappered figure, her blue-checked apron wound muff fashion about her hands.

    20. Once or twice indeed she has asked for the shears and gone out alone as in old times returning with a load of roses, and has then demanded vases and arranged them at the pier-table in the dining-room, and carried the various vasesful to their places without any thought of weakness or difficulty.

    21. Open layout includes kitchen, a formal dining-room, living-room, half bath and laundry.

    22. She found her in the dining-room with Ann Foster, the little dressmaker, who was endeavouring to scissors through the right side of her underlip with her teeth as proof that the compiling of a list of requisites was no tax to her.

    23. Suffice to say there is a downstairs dining-room of almost old Hollywood glamour broken up with filmy, flowing curtains, columns and boothettes, strangely juxtaposed with tall high tables and stools.

    24. Temple entered the dining-room from the kitchen, her face fixed in a cringing, placative expression.

    25. The dining-room had windows on each side and a beam across; the dining silver had been picked up at sales, the tumblers were old cut glass; on each side of the ingle was a grandfather's chair.

    26. The dinner that they sat down to in the fly-specked dining-room was of boiled beef and carrots, with a turgid ginger pudding to follow, though Grierson went down to the cellar himself and found some dusty bottles of hock, overlooked for years because there was no demand for it in a beer-drinking community.

    27. The humor of my proposition appealed more strongly to Miss Trevor than I had looked for, and from that time forward she became her old self again; . Our table in the dining-room became again the abode of scintillating wit and caustic repartee, Farrar bracing up to his old standard, and the demand for seats in the vicinity rose to an animated competition.

    28. The prefect grabbed me by the shoulders and steered me down a passageway, and down another and finally through a door that led into a long, low dining-room crowded with loudly breakfasting boys sitting on long, shiny oak forms, as benches used to be called.

    29. The swing-doors which opened on to his dining-room creaked[.]

    30. Then she went into the house, and, sitting down at the davenport in the dining-room, got out a sheet of her best notepaper, and wrote a note to Pamela Dysart in her strong, commercially clear hand.

    31. This at least Heidi could understand, and she followed her obediently into the dining-room.

    32. Tom Moor was fond of gaming, and often lost large sums of money; finding his business neglected in his absence, he had a small hazard table set up in one corner of his dining-room, and invited a party of his friends to play at it.

    33. Upon entering the dining-room, the painting faced one from the opposite end of the room, receiving light from a large landscape window on the left, and an overlight of electricity by night, the room being otherwise in darkness.

    34. [H]e built a dining-room close to his kitchen, with a buttery-hatch opening into it, so that he and his friends might enjoy beef-steaks, hot and hot, upon the same plan as the members of the Beef-steak Club are supplied at their room in the Lyceum.

    35. a magnificent cold supper was awaiting him in the dining-room, where he did full justice to a game pie and a bottle of claret.

    36. arraying her maid gorgeously, put all the jewels on her and sent her into the casino or the ballroom or the dining-room — wherever it was — and she herself followed, in — let us hope — plain, jewelless black silk, with her lovely flesh showing voluptuously against it.

    37. down they ran into the dining-room, which fronted the lane, in quest of this wonder; it was two ladies stopping in a low phaeton at the garden gate.

    38. let her [the cook] follow him softly with a ladle full, and 'dribble it all the way up stairs to the dining-room

    39. “For with an invalid so much depends on tranquillity. In the drawing-room, for instance, she might constantly be disturbed by callers; and the dining-room is so—so what shall I call it? so dinnery,—the smell of meals never seems to leave it; it would have been different if dear papa had allowed me to throw out that window—”

noun বিশেষ্য

Dining-room table meaning in bengali

ডাইনিং রুমের টেবিল

  • Definition

    dining-room furniture consisting of a table on which meals can be served

    ডাইনিং-রুমের আসবাবপত্র যাতে একটি টেবিল থাকে যার উপর খাবার পরিবেশন করা যায়

noun বিশেষ্য

Dining-room attendant meaning in bengali

ডাইনিং-রুম পরিচারক

  • Definition

    someone employed to provide service in a dining room

    কেউ একটি ডাইনিং রুমে সেবা প্রদান নিযুক্ত

  • Synonyms

    restaurant attendant (রেস্টুরেন্ট পরিচারক)

noun বিশেষ্য

Dining-room furniture meaning in bengali

ডাইনিং রুমের আসবাবপত্র

  • Definition

    furniture intended for use in a dining room

    আসবাবপত্র ডাইনিং রুমে ব্যবহারের জন্য