noun नाम

Canuck meaning in konkani

कॅनॅक हें नांव

  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    informal term for Canadians in general and French Canadians in particular

    सादारणपणान कॅनडियन आनी खासा करून फ्रेंच कॅनडियनांक अनौपचारीक संज्ञा

adjective विशेशण

Canuck meaning in konkani

कॅनॅक हें नांव

  • Definitions

    1. Canadian.


  • Examples:
    1. Well, what do you think of the Canuck elections?

noun नाम

Canuck meaning in konkani

कॅनॅक हें नांव

  • Definitions

    1. A Canadian, sometimes especially a French Canadian.

    एक कॅनडियन, केन्ना केन्नाय खास करून फ्रेंच कॅनडियन.

  • Examples:
    1. It is a pity these Canadian militiamen spoilt the good work they had done by never-failing bluster. But for pure and unadulterated brag I will back the lower-class Canuck against the world. The Yankee is a very sucking dove compared to his northern neighbour.

    2. Jonathan distinguishes a Dutch or a French Canadian, by the term Kanuk.

    3. We saw a few partridges: we also met a lusty fellow in a forest road with a keg of whisky slung round him, who called to us ‘Come boys and have some grog, I'm what you call a canuck:’ a (Canadian).

  • 2. The French-Canadian dialect.

    फ्रेंच-कॅनडियन बोली.

  • Examples:
    1. On the deacon-seat in the leapin' heat / With the corn-cobs drawin' cool and sweet, / And timin' the fiddle with tunkin' feet, / A hundred men and a chorus. / “Roule, roulant, ma boule roulant,” / all Canuck but a good song; / Lift it up then, good and strong, / for a cozy night's before us.

  • 3. A thing from Canada.

    कॅनडांतली एक गजाल.

  • Examples:
    1. Who'll buy my caller herrin'? / Cod, turbot, ling, delicious herrin', / Buy my caller herrin', / They're every one Kanucks!

  • 4. A Canadian pony or horse.

    कॅनडांतलो पोनी वा घोडो.

  • Examples:
    1. I'll sit here and blow till he comes round with his old go-cart, and then I'll hang on to the tail of it, and try legs with that little Kanuck of his.

  • Synonyms

    Canadian (कॅनडियन)

    Canajun (कानाजुन हांणी केला)

    Canajan (कानाजन हांणी केला)

    Johnny-Canuck (जॉनी-कॅनुक हांणी केला)

    Canuckiana (कानुकियाना हें नांव)

    Janey Canuck (जॅनी कॅनक हांणी केला)

    Canuckian (कॅनुकियन हांणी केला)

    Soviet Canuckistan (सोव्हिएत कॅनकिस्तान)

    Jack Canuck (जॅक कॅनॅक हांणी केला)

    Johnny Canuck (जॉनी कॅनक हांणी केला)

    Canuckistan (कॅनकस्तान हांगा)