noun नाम

Anglophilia meaning in marathi


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    admiration for Britain and British customs

    ब्रिटन आणि ब्रिटिश रीतिरिवाजांचे कौतुक


Anglophilia meaning in marathi


  • Definitions

    1. The love of the country, culture or people of England.

    इंग्लंडचे देश, संस्कृती किंवा लोकांचे प्रेम.

  • Examples:
    1. But now, as a company with the word "British" in its name pisses apocalyptic quantities of oil into the ocean, and CEO Tony Hayward pops up on the news to make tactless statements in a British accent, anglophilia is shrivelling.

    2. Perhaps Anglophilia continues to play its part, but if I were one of the few surviving teachers of Anglo-Saxon I would rejoice at the way in which such terms as muggle and Wizengamot, and such names as Godric, Wulfric and Dumbledore, had become common currency.