adjective विशेषण

Arctic meaning in marathi


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    of or relating to the Arctic

    आर्क्टिकचा किंवा संबंधित

  • Example

    the Arctic summer

    आर्क्टिक उन्हाळा

  • Synonyms

    north-polar (उत्तर-ध्रुवीय)

adjective विशेषण

Arctic meaning in marathi


  • Definitions

    1. Pertaining to the northern polar region of the planet, characterised by extreme cold and an icy landscape.

    ग्रहाच्या उत्तरेकडील ध्रुवीय प्रदेशाशी संबंधित, अत्यंत थंड आणि बर्फाळ लँडस्केपद्वारे वैशिष्ट्यीकृत.

  • Examples:
    1. A medical examination determined who was to be sent on to Norilsk in the Arctic.

    2. See FREEDOM smiling thro’ the realms of frost,$V$And glow on Labradore’s inclement coast,$V$Tho’ darkness sheds deep night thro’ half the year,$V$And snow invests the clime,—that clime is dear,$V$For there fair LIBERTY resides, and there$V$At large the native breasts the searching air,$V$Where blows the arctic tempests icy gale,$V$And famine seizes on the spermy whale,

    3. What neede the artick people loue star-light, To whom the sunne shines both by day and night.

    4. on th’ other side Incenc’t with indignation Satan stood Unterrifi’d, and like a Comet burn’d, That fires the length of Ophiucus huge In th’ Artick Sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes Pestilence and Warr.

  • 2. Extremely cold, snowy, or having other properties of extreme winter associated with the Arctic.

    अत्यंत थंड, बर्फाच्छादित किंवा आर्क्टिकशी संबंधित अत्यंत हिवाळ्यातील इतर गुणधर्म असणे.

  • Examples:
    1. ‘Could you close that window, please!’ Strickland called, dialling again. ‘It's bloody arctic down this end.’