noun नाम

Dane meaning in marathi


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  • Definition

    a person from Denmark or of Danish descent

    डेन्मार्कची किंवा डॅनिश वंशाची व्यक्ती

  • Example

    The warrior was not a Dane, but fought for their king.

    योद्धा डेन नव्हता, पण त्यांच्या राजासाठी लढला होता.


Dane meaning in marathi


  • Definitions

    1. A person from Denmark or of Danish descent.

    डेन्मार्कची किंवा डॅनिश वंशाची व्यक्ती.

  • Examples:
    1. Fresleven - that was the fellow’s name, a Dane - thought himself wronged somehow in the bargain, so he went ashore and started to hammer the chief of the village with a stick.

  • 2. A member of the Danes, a Germanic tribe inhabiting the Danish islands and parts of southern Sweden.

    डॅनिश बेटांवर आणि दक्षिण स्वीडनच्या काही भागांमध्ये राहणारी जर्मन जमात, डेन्सचा सदस्य.

  • Examples:
    1. Kenett states that the military works still known by the name of Tadmarten Camp and Hook-Norton Barrow were cast up at this time ; the former, large and round, is judged to be a fortification of the Danes, and the latter, being smaller and rather a quinquangle than a square, of the Saxons.

  • Synonyms

    Danishman (डॅनिशमन)

    Danish (डॅनिश)

    Great Dane (महान डेन)

    Dane County (डेन काउंटी)