noun నామ వాచకము

Corinthian meaning in telugu


  • Pronunciation


  • Definition

    a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure

    ఆనందం కోసం అంకితమైన వ్యక్తి

  • Synonyms

    man-about-town (మనిషి-గురించి-పట్టణం)

    playboy (ప్లేబాయ్)

adjective విశేషణము

Corinthian meaning in telugu


  • Definitions

    1. Of the Corinthian Greek order.

    కొరింథియన్ గ్రీకు క్రమంలో.

  • Examples:
    1. The silver waters of the spring had long since disappeared, but there still were left a few of the Corinthian pillars, some stretched on the ground and overgrown with creeping-plants, while two or three yet remained erect, and showed how graceful the whole must have been.

  • 2. Debauched in character or practice; impure.

    పాత్ర లేదా ఆచరణలో అసభ్యత; అపవిత్రమైనది.

  • Examples:
    1. all her young Corinthian laity

  • 3. Being a sporting event (originally in horse racing and yachting) restricted to gentleman amateurs.

    ఒక క్రీడా కార్యక్రమం కావడం (వాస్తవానికి గుర్రపు పందెం మరియు యాచింగ్‌లో) పెద్దమనిషి ఔత్సాహికులకు మాత్రమే పరిమితం చేయబడింది.

  • Examples:
    1. Corinthian Stakes of 10 Guineas ... To be rode by Gentlemen.

    2. In Corinthian matches the yachts are steered and manned by gentlemen alone,

    3. It was a condition of the race, that the horses should be ridden by gentlemen ... [I]t was submitted, that if none were to be reputed in the rank of gentlemen, whose wives had not been visited by Lady Clanricarde, the notion of a Corinthian Race might as well be given up at once, within twenty miles all round Portumna castle. It would amount, in fact, to a disgentilizing of two or three counties.

    4. [W]e have horse races ... whereat the aforesaid noble animals are ridden by gentlemen, and if I err not are named "Corinthian."

  • Synonyms

    Corinthian helmet (కొరింథియన్ హెల్మెట్)

    Corinthian bronze (కొరింథియన్ కాంస్యం)

    Corinthian spirit (కొరింథియన్ ఆత్మ)

    Corinthian order (కొరింథియన్ ఆర్డర్)

    Corinthianize (కొరింథియనైజ్ చేయండి)

    Corinthian brass (కొరింథియన్ ఇత్తడి)

    Corinthianism (కొరింథియనిజం)